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5 to 9 years—Children’s Group

11:15 am—12:15 pm in Lindsey-Priestly room

Children’s Group begins in the Sanctuary for worship and leaves together after the Wisdom Story. This is a place to build friendships and self-identity in an actively anti-oppressive setting. We use play and art to build community, trust, and a beginning understanding of evolving Unitarian Universalist values of justice, equity, pluralism, interdependence, generosity and love.

2022-23 Theme: Superhero Academy

Are you a fan of the Teen Titans or Black Panther? Or are you more interested in learning about your values through playing games with new friends? Superhero Academy by Meredith Plummer is our children’s group for this year based off the book Superhero Playbook: Lessons in Life from Your Favorite Superheroes by Randall Lotowycz. 

From their humble beginnings in comic books of the 1930s and 40s, to modern day blockbuster movies, and irreverent cartoons, superheroes have certainly invaded our cultural zeitgeist. But, behind the colourful spandex, superhuman abilities, and crime fighting antics, there are real lessons to be learned from superheroes about anti-oppression, personal responsibility, and love.

In the introduction to Lotowycz’s book he writes, “In your hands is a special journey into stories of [sic] the greatest superheroes and teams… We will dig a little deeper past these superheroes’ origin stories to reveal what makes them so powerful. You will discover what makes their minds and hearts so strong. Every step along the way, you will also see how you can be just like them. And then you can show the world just how great of a superhero you are. Are you up for the challenge?”

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